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Евгения Северская | Evgenya Severskaya

My artwork "May. 6 o'clock in the morning" was sold at auction 'ArtLitFund: Modern and Future Art of Russia, XXI-XXII Centuries'

March 23, 2019, my painting "May. 6 o'clock in the morning" left the auction - the view from the kitchen window. I wrote it in 40 minutes, going to sleep in the morning, because I constantly work at night.) I wonder who got it)))
I want to thank the organizers of the auction!
Auction number 148 was held March 23, 2019 at the Artplay Design Center, Nizhniaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, p. 2, entry 2a

The painting is painted from life. This is the view from the window of the usual five-storey building: the yard, the houses opposite, the glands of the playground, fences that hide the dustbin and all this - in the silence of an early, sleepy morning, similar to a mystery, at that time when the leaves on the trees were buds yesterday and are not frayed yet. Half of the courtyard and the whole world still floats in the bluish dawn shadow, and the tops of houses and birch trees are fluorescent. In the daytime this will not happen. In general, it all merged for me into some kind of miracle and I had to portray it more quickly. It took 40 minutes to work, it wouldn't stay any more, because then everything was gone.
Participation in the auction March 23, 2019

March 23, 2019, my works participate in the Auction "ArtLitFund: Modern and Future Art of Russia, XXI-XXII Centuries"
"Cirrus wind" - 85x59 cm. Mixed technique
"Silence" - 120x80 cm. Paper, watercolor, acrylic
"May. 6 o'clock in the morning" - 50x40 cm. Oil on canvas
Auction site:
Auction number 148 starts March 23, 2019 at 19:00 at the Artplay Design Center, Nizhniaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, p. 2, entry 2a
Acceptance of absentee rates until 15:00 March 23, 2019.
I work on video about how I paint this industrial landscape - an old_factory
my channel on YouTube to see the video

5 Aug from 22.30 to 0.00 (Moscow time) I took part in the program on the radio Govorit Moskva - 94.8 FM - from 22.30 to 0.00 as a guest.
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24.04 - 29.04.2018
1.05 - 10.05.2018

In International Design Senter ARTPLAY there were two exibitions with my participation
пер гюнт и дось доврского старца
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Peer Gynt and Princess of Trolls
Canvas, oil • 200x200 sm • 2018
The picture based on the poem of Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" The moment of the main character's meeting with the daughter of the king of trolls is depicted. Later they will part because Per did not want to become a court Troll, and the Princess of trolls lost her human form. This is shown in the picture in the background as a near future, as it was done on medieval miniatures. But in the present - happiness and rest. A man and a Troll talk about how much they have in common..

From 24.04 till 10.05.2018 my artwork "Peer Gynt and the Princess of Trolls" participated in two events at the International center of design ARTPLAY (Moscow, m. Kurskaya, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, 10, Small hall). In the festival "Russian art week" (24.04-29.04) my work won the Grand Prix and the First place in the category " Synthesis of Genres"

Currently, the picture is available for exhibitions and for purchasing. For details, please feel free to contact me.
The contacts are listed below on the website.

Preparation work
In the spring I completely filmed the process of working on the canvas for this picture. Now I present to you a video of how the work was done from the beginning. Later will come a movie about the writing of the picture itself.

If you want to keep abreast of news, educational videos and new video reviews, subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

Feel free to comment the videos and share them!
Circle Foundation has published my page on the website. See it ►►
IIn the future, you can see my artworks on the pages of the magazine Circle Quarterly Art Review - a quarterly edition about paintings, graphics and photography. A printed version of the magazine can be ordered on the official website. See details on
I want to thank the ARTMUSICWORD association for the 1st award in the contest «Winter Stories» (nomination Fine Arts) !
"Letnaya street in winter" Winter Stories" • 100x100 sm • 2018
Oil on canvas
Now the artwork is sold and is kept in private collection

Read more

I thank the association ARTMUSICWORD for the honorable award!
In the picture the old house from my town is represented. I love this place. There is something alien and lonely, both at the same time warm and human.
I wanted to depict this place long ago.
When I have known about a competition, there was already not enough time. For work 3 days have left. In a picture — early January twilight. For the sky I have constructed the special technique that imitates the luminescence with very thin layer of colour.
The association ARTMUSICWORD holds the international competitions in literature, the fine arts and music in the different nominations, I invite all my creative friends to take part! It is more than information on the website

Now the artwork is sold and is kept in private collection
Online-Gallery "Colorurs of humanity" performs thematic exhibition "Blue" ("Blue"). Two of my paintings "Selena" and "Nymph" take part in the show!
You can see them by clicking here

Visit the page of the exhibition! → To visit the Blue exibition ←

4.11 - 2.12.17

First exibition of Provincial Art PERESMYSl (RETHIMKING )
in town Kimry with many young
unusial artists from different cities.
I tоok part in this event with other young artisit

On the photo - my artwork "Mary with snake Trinity

Exhibition in Central House of Artists "humans & contemporary reality. XXI century + abstraction"
From 1 to 22 November in the Central House of Artists on m. Octyabrskaya\Park Kultury there was an exhibition "People and a modern environment. XXI century + Abstraction". There were presented two of my works - the "Crafty Carrots" and the composition "Party", created from graphics made on rock concerts and rehearsals. The exposition was created from the works of different stylistic trends and genres, in addition to painting, sculpture and ceramics. Now the "Crafty Carrots" are in the Gallery section, and the concert drawings are among Graphics

1.10.2017 LANDSCAPE

I want to Express my appreciation
to the organizers of the online - exhibition "Landscape", one of my works was awarded a honourable mention!
In the gallery you can find a lot of very unusual paintings and photographs made by participants from all the world! I invite you to visit the website of the online gallery Colours of Humaniry


two of my paintings passed the international competition "the colors of humanity. Wet paint" and participate in the online exhibition !
PASS ON the LINK, and you will see many interesting works of authors from all the world, and my paintings in the middle of the exhibition
28.04 - 23.05.17
Exhibition in Art gallery in Mytishi town

From 28.04 till 23.05 in Mytishchi Art gallery held spring exhibition.
It exhibited my "Garages" and "The Arch" - this artworks can be seen in "Gallery"
In September 2016 in the Moscow Union of Artists held an exhibition "Moscow and Muscovites". This work took part in the exhibition. This painting was created in may of the same year at 6 o'clock in the morning from the kitchen window. This is the view of my yard, although I was not in Moscow. But for the exhibition it was decided to take. After all, the yards are everywhere similar and 6 in the morning - everywhere equally cold and Sunny.

In 2019 this artwork was sold at auction 'ArtLitFund: Modern and Future Art of Russia, XXI-XXII Centuries'

May. 6 o'clock in the morning
50х40 sm
2016 ►

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Evgenya Severskaya
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