Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

BIKE MAN || KRAKENBUSH ✩ Hard rock, Heavy 2023

I painted this artwok by oil and acrylic paints on Medium Density Fiberboard.

It is pased on a dream of one of the musicians of the band.
A man standing on a gigant hans,

above the sea,

seeing this while sleeping.

Other members of the band offered their ideas, as winged horse and bike, and I placed them on the artwork as the constellations.

The character of the man is inspired by Lemmy Kilmister and Mickey Rourke (his character in the moovie "Harley Davidson and Malboro Man", and bike is like in that film)

I used paints prepared by my own from natural pigments, same as ready paints from thr shop.

I am proud of this work.