Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

Evgenij Streletz - We'll live! The lifelong road 2021 ✩ Rock

Album is expected soon on CD.

Now it is available for listening on many sites, including Yandex. Music    by link

or by typing the artist's name in the search.

The composition of the painting is based on the drawing of the songwriter.  

Eugenij specially made several sketches, according to which I created a preview  sketch using the golden ratio in proportions of the composition.

In the image of a walking person, the listener can see both the songwriter and self. The city ahead is a welcome dream. A path leads to the dream, real and tangible, albeit a long one. A small sprout breaking through the asphalt expresses the inflexibility of the human soul.

The idea belongs to Evgenij, as a songwriter. As a result of discussions and joint search for references, the idea of ​​the painting took shape.   We decided to take the cloud on the right side of the picture from the photo that Eugene took almost during the discussion of the concept of the picture.  

I used my own technique to paint the asphalt.

To give the sky transparency and to avoid the effect of a blank canvas, еhe gradient of shades in the sky was done in several stages.

For more expressive colours, I made about 80% of the paints myself from natural pigments. # Nbsp;  

Also used, in particular, Classico paints - from a series of translucent paints, which a very good friend gave me.

The person in the picture is a collective image in which the listener can assume both the songwriter and himself.

In process of work, I tried to convey the mood that I have felt, standing on a railway platform, going somewhere - with  pleasant sadness, joy from the feeling of shivering air, uncertainty, unsightly familiar moments and their romanticism, and hope for   own soul power.

The album will soon be available on  CD.

To purchase the CD-version, you need to send a letter to Eugene to his email address: