Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

Absent Sunday - Absinth Saturday 2022 ✩ Dark Kabaret

This painting I paint as a cover artwork for album "Absinth Saturday" by "Absent Sunday" band.
Technique: paper, watercolours, gouashe, metallic colours, china ink, pencil, liners
The charachter is created from image of Ozma, leader vocalist of the band.
She came to me and posed for this portrait.
We listened to music and talked about so much thigs.
After some time I finished this portrait with the help of photos. If you'll check all photos in this block, you'll see a photo from our working process.
Also I made a variant of logo for the band, in style of Art Nouveau.
Designer mixed some parts from it with the artwork for the album cover.

Ozma and the band Absent Sunday play music in genre of Dark Kabaret, they had an idea to call it this way.
They have violin and cello, and rock instruments, with female and male vocals.
The music of Absent Sunday is available here: