Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

Universal Music Band - Cart 2017 ✩ Ethnic/Jazz

While working on this cover, I experienced great pleasure in listening to the music performed by this unusual team. The group includes violins, cello and percussion.

At the presentation of the disc, I was even more surprised - both by the skill of the musicians you can watch the game with your own eyes, and by the warmth and cozy atmosphere in the auditorium. The album was presented at the Moscow House of Music.

In the process of working on the cover, the main role was played by the idea of ​​Semyon Denisov, one of the participants in the Universal Music Band. Musicians standing in a row on an unknown planet (or moon)? watching the rise of the Earth, as I see it. The ambiguity leaves options for different interpretations of the plot.

The work was done in oil on primed paper, then scanned