Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

Space Druids - Weird Tide 2020 ✩ Space | Psychedelic | 70s

You can listen to the album by clicking the link

How unexpected it is to hear the exquisite sound of the 70s on the album of a Russian group. I always dreamed that this style would live now, live a new life - and embrace with my breath.

If I did not know that it was recorded now, moreover, in my city, I would think that I hear voices from the other end of the Universe, it is these associations that cause  lyrics, timbre of the voice and sounds of the flying saucer motor.

The idea of ​​composition (a soaring tree and planets) belongs to the musicians. As well as the fact that the viewer sees a tree from below. There was another version of the composition, but since the musicians themselves attached particular importance to this particular version of the composition, I suggested that it be fulfilled.

In the work, I was inspired by the work of Roger Dean and other authors who worked in the style of futurism and surrealism with the theme of space.