Album Art by Evgenya Severskaya

Attorney Voice - I walk alone along the city 2022 ✩ Rock

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The artwork is named "Dream"

23/12/22 is the date of release of Attorney Voice new album.
It must contain original songs and cover version on song of Cherny Cofe ("Black Coffee", russian old rock band, famous amoung lovers of rock-music and recorded their songs in 1980-1990s).
The album is available to listen by the link:

This is not the first cover artwork that I paint for Attorney Voice.

Below you can fond our other projects.

There's a surrealistic sailboat on them, moving from one painting to another, from one release of the band to further.

 Arches... I had a dream to paint them. They are really existing in ur world, in Moscow near Taganskaya metro station.
If you have been there, maybe you were there.

In the evening when I found them, it was so cold. And also I found old house, dilapidated and mystically beautiful. Drawn by graffities. I imaged a girl-ghost inside. And I desided to paint that look.

Now the old house is refurbished. But I remember it's oldness for further artwork.
I desided to join girl-ghost and arches for Attorney Voice album cover. They asked me to make a painting with a man walking in town.

And I offered them arches and girl, and they pleased me to place the sailboat there, mooved from other our paintings for their music.

The ghost's face is inspired by images of Kleo de Mirod, french ballerine, and other ancient beauties.

The painting was painted on wood, specially prepared by master .
Paints I prepared by my own mostly. Partly I used ready paints, but only in few places. 
After being ready, the artwork was scanned and waits till be given to customers.:)