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Здравствуйте! Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться по интересующим вопросам, буду рада помочь:) Евгения

Hi! For all questions, please, feel free to write me, I'll be glad to help you :) Evgenya
Свяжитесь со мной
To make an order or to purchase my artwork, please, use contacts:
+7 909 681 98 20
e-mail: severska@ya.ru

Share my art with your friends and get a discount for a request, just let me know:)

Evgenya Severskaya
Make a great delight for your nearest&friends!
Or for yourself - book an easel painting or drawing
Such original gift can suit any person, whatever his/her interests are
and will be a real surprise
It is possible to create a painting for order in different styles, such as realism, impressionism, medieval or Renaissance trend, or some modern or eclectic style, in theese genres:
- Portrait from photo
- Portrait from life
- Portrait in an image from books, films, games, history or cosplay
- Collective/group portrait
- Copies of old masterpieses of ancient masters, impressionists, and other artists
- Animal portrait
- Landscape
- Still life
- Illustration
- Album art

I work in techniques:
- Oil on canvas
- Watercolours
- Pencil drawing
- Charcoal drawing
- Sepia
- Pastel
- Mixed technique
- China ink
- Markers
- Digital art

It is possible to purchase ready painting.
You can find available artworks in section
Gallery or below.

For details or cooperation, please, contact me by mail: severska@ya.ru
or by Facebook:
Evgenya Severskaya
Получи скидку на заказ картины или первое занятие!
Get a discount for a request or first lesson!
Поделись с друзьями
Share with friends
Репостни ссылку на мой сайт и дай мне знать
по e-mail или иным способом,
и тебе будет предоставлена скидка

Share my art with your friends and let me know
by e-mail or in other way, so you'll get a discount
for order or purchasing my painting!

e-mail: severska@ya.ru
available artworks
More products
More products
More products
маленькие • SMALL
~ 15 - 50 sm
средние • medium
~ 40 - 80 см / sm
Большие • Large
~ 70 - 100 см / sm
You can see more of my ready artworks in the section Gallery
Album Art
Also I make akbum art for music CDs. Can make one for your

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Мои контакты • My contacts
Евгения Северская • Evgenya Severskaya
Живопись с натуры и по фото
Оформление музыки

Painting from life and by photo
Album art
Телефон • Phone: +7 909 681 98 20
E-mail: severska@ya.ru

VK: https://vk.com/teresinja
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evgenya.severskaya
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeT--ZeRwaR0mU4Hx...

Instagram I: evgenyaseverskaya
Instagram II: evgenya_severskaya_metal_draw
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